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    Addressing GDPR…
    Simple, Effective, Affordable!

    Whether you act to address isn’t a choice, what you do to address it is. Your goal is the same as ours, minimize the impact to you and your business, and pay the least to get it done.

    Truvincio’s solution is designed to work for even the smallest company, because no one is exempt.

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    Data Breach Is Inevitable.
    The Truvincio Solution is Simple.

    42% of all companies were breached in the past 12 months and for small businesses, it can be a business-ending event.

    Truvincio’s simple, cost-effective, solution works for even the smallest company, because no one is immune.

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    Truvincio Protects You
    And Your Business Partners.

    Your obligation for GDPR includes not only you, but the actions of your 3rd parties. Their mistake could cost you everything, if you don’t have a good answer.

    Truvincio can mitigate this risk and the associated liability at almost no direct cost to you.

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    Our Solutions

    Security & Privacy Programs

    GDPR doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge. You know your business, we know how to fit it into the right boxes. Together it gets you back to what you’re in business for.

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    Continuing Education

    With Truvincio, we can help you get professional Continuing Education (CE) credits for taking the steps to protect your business.

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    Partnership Programs

    With nearly 50% of data losses being caused by vendors, no large business can afford to ignore this risk. With Truvincio, educating your vendors can be easy and cost effective.

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    Helping You Create Your Dream Team

    No single product can meet all of your security needs. Here are some of the products that we see as being valuable to small businesses.

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    White Paper

    Turning the Tide on Data Security

    Cyber risks seem unstoppable. They don’t have to be—find out how and why.

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