Turning The Tide On Data Security: It Doesn’t Have To Be This Hard

Despite the flurry of activity and attention regarding data (cyber) security, nothing seems to be making a difference in reducing the losses. This leaves the question as to what will it take to turn the tide and stop the losses. The clues are there, but it takes a different perspective to drive effective change.

The first question that should be asked is – is data security actually important? While everyone reflexively answers yes, almost no one can really say why, which makes it very difficult to budget for.

Assuming that protecting data is important, what it will take to get organizations to actually implement effective security seemingly remains a mystery. Some hope technology will save them, such as EMV, or chipped, credit cards. This white paper in three paragraphs explodes that myth. Many other potential solutions are also reviewed. To cut to the chase, the solution is one that no one really likes – civil litigation. The costs of litigation will make the pain of not acting too high. The potential damages outlined in this paper will give you a preview of litigation going forward as well as a map to avoid it.

Once organizations decide to act, what should they be doing. Most small and medium businesses have no idea where to begin. Again, it takes looking at the problem from a different perspective to get to the answer. This paper paints a picture of what small to medium size businesses are going to have to do.

Finally, since most large organizations have some measure of understanding about security, they must be accountable for using their leverage over the smaller organizations that they work with to implement appropriate security measures. No large organization can be safe until the smaller organizations are taking adequate security measures (as Target found out). This paper reveals why pressure from all sides can be anticipated – be it regulatory, litigation induced, or from the organizations you serve – and what effective security will include, to satisfy the leverage being applied.

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