It was built specifically for SMB's to successfully address the serious problems data loss causes and provide tools that fit the SMB and make it affordable, simple, and effective.

Truvincio's mission is to provide data privacy and security education and training, customized policies and procedures all at a low cost and effective approach that is simple to implement. Truvincio targets the number one risk where breaches and data losses occur: Employee error! We believe that employees should be your number one asset; not your number one risk.

SMB's, vendors and third parties of SMB companies from all industries.

Generic Policies and Procedure will not stand up in the face of negative legal and PR consequences nor do they address the unique employee and business focus. They must be designed to cover the important areas. It was due to the total lack of such a program that we built the Truvincio Solution for the SMB.

Both are incredibly important to be addressed and implemented. Policies and procedures must be current and fit the size and complexity of your business. Truvincio focuses on educating your employees so that they both think and act in a manner that protects your company to act securely and to close the 90% error gap caused by a lack of specific and necessary education and training of your employees.

Truvincio allows for approximately 20% of our Policies and Procedures to be customized to fit the size and complexity of your business. This is important and necessary for each company to have shown to have acted responsibly and in line with the size and complexity of your company.

It is very simple; go to the buy now tab and put in the total number of employees. The system will guide you in each step and deliver you the information to get started.

While no program can eliminate all risk, The Truvincio Solution helps to show that your business has acted responsibly, raising the bar significantly against employee error. The education is designed to improve behavior which helps minimize your company's risk. All of this at a very affordable, simple, and effective approach.

It may indeed. After completing the Truvincio Solution, take your certificate of completion and present it to your insurance company.

Since the Truvincio Solution is cloud based and we have put together approximately 80% of the Policies and Procedures. The entire program can be prepped for introduction by a key manager in about 3-4 hours. Each employee will complete in about 2-3 hours total. The employee education can be done straight through or scheduled in time segments, even over a month's time or sooner.

You most certainty can, but it is recommended that at the initial meeting of the company's employees, the model is completed as a group and then the rest completed on an individual basis, each employee will have their own unique user name and password so that they can access the program at any time.

The Truvincio Solution is designed for SMB's under 300 in size with the key employee size being under 200. The larger companies have need for our solution to introduce to one of the very high risks; third parties and vendors. Some smaller SMB's share this very same risk with third parties and vendors.

After you purchase and access the program, there is no return of the purchase price. Truvincio has taken a very expensive current industry approach traditionally controlled by consultants with much higher prices to the SMB. Their solutions were made for large entities and unsuccessfully attempted to make it fit the SMB's needs. Truvincio developed the Truvincio Solution as the first and only cloud-based SaaS Privacy and Data Security of its kind. It is successful and an excellent cloud-based SaaS solution that is affordable, simple, and effective.

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A certificate of completion is issued when all employees have completed the modules designed for them. The Oversight functions in the solution allow the manager to follow the progress of each employee and the easy to use templates to assist you with progress along the way to completion. You will know how long it takes to complete each section and when they complete the entire program.

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For a company 20 and under it is less than $100 a month. No other program is as cost effective, simple, and most important; effective for the SMB.

Just as your IT requirements are an ongoing need and focus (as are many other vital functions in your company), so is the need to constantly educate, train and reinforce the right behavior everyday with your employees where acting securely handling both your any your client's and customers information is concerned.

There are law changes that take place, new threats, new guidelines and laws, new employees, turnover, and the ongoing need to keep reinforcing the benefits of the Truvincio Solution's education and the focus and understanding of the policies and features. Security is an everyday need of the SMB; especially with them being the target of bad actors and the 90% failure rate for the SMB that is compromised. Very importantly; The Truvincio Solutions supports your company to instill a necessary and vital culture of security. This is all accomplished at a fraction of the cost of other programs or high paid consultants. Affordable, Simple, Affective.

The knowledge and comfort knowing that you are attacking the employee error, number 1 problem, is critical. Equally important is the improved efficiencies that you will receive from implementing The Truvincio Solution. Our customers consistently tell us that improved efficiency is one of their greatest benefits enjoyed after improving the ability to act more securely every day. All of this in an affordable, simple and effective solution.

Our customers consistently tell us that improved efficiency is one of their greatest benefits enjoyed after improving the ability to act more securely every day. All of this in an affordable, simple and effective solution. They appreciate the increased motivation and concern that the employees gain from the understanding of how important their roles are to protect their companies and client's information. The customers like the fact that the Truvincio Solution is so personalized and simple to gain the education that we provide and perhaps, for the first time, they grasp the value of their policies and procedures. They all appreciate the low-cost approach and how simple it was to implement and effective in its outcome.

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It does nothing to address employee error or provide up to date policies and procedures as well as key vital education to reflect the right daily behavior. While technology is critical to your business, your greatest risk is your employees handing technology and other non-computer related data.

The IT world doesn't adequately address the issues of employee behavior and the education to reduce employee error. IT doesn't do what Truvincio does and Truvincio doesn't do what IT does. You need both, Additionally, IT can't positively affect improved efficiencies in business activity or provide the customizable policies and procedures that lead to business compliance and improved employee behavior.

90% of all data breaches and data losses are the result of employee error. 90% of all SMB's are out of business within 24 months of a breach or data loss, 2/3rds of all attempts at stealing information are directed at the SMB. All these stats and more evidence support the dramatic need for the SMB to make themselves less vulnerable and The Truvincio Solution accomplishes this for them affordably, simply, and effectively. In addition to limiting your vulnerabilities, you will create a defensible position for having acted responsibly in the face of a breach or data loss. This will help lower the average cost assessed to you (now averaging $188,000 per SMB per occurrence). Finally, by using The Truvincio Solution you will gain improved efficiency and potential improved profitability.

The specific type of education that Truvincio provides is directed at your number one problem; Employee Error. We spent years developing a cloud-based solution that focuses on you as an SMB and educates your employees to act responsibly every day. In addition, Policies and Procedures, which are often out of date, too narrow or cumbersome and large, creating ineffectiveness must also be taught and regularly updated to achieve real compliance. This is what The Truvincio Solution achieves for your company through detailed and tailored education and training and customizable policies and procedures to guide and help you achieve real compliance without the focus on compliance. Your goal of compliance is successfully achieved through the Truvincio Solution.

The truth is that the majority (nearly 2/3rds) of the time spent by data criminals to steal information is focuses on SMB's. The reason for their focus is that they know that the SMB market has no true solution that addresses the security needs of the small company or the resources to address it (83% of SMB's have no resources to address a cyber event or data loss) and don't know what it takes to address it properly or affordably and effectively. Therefore, The Truvincio Solution was built and why you now have the viable solution and choice. Affordable, Simple, Effective.

Contact your organization's administrator for this program. He/she has the ability to reset your password and tell you what your Username is. It is most likely your email address.