Policies and Procedures

If you are honest with yourself, most businesses don’t have policies and procedures in place for their business due to the time it takes, the need to implement and the very real fact most businesses are just trying to be profitable. For those who have made an effort to implement them, most are outdated.

Truvincio has developed policies and procedures that are approximately 80% complete and require the balance input by your individual business. By implementing policies and procedures your business will be better served by proactively reducing the threat of a data threat rather than addressing reactive solutions. While it does take thought and preplanning on the businesses part as well as a little time invested (for dramatic positive benefits), you will be have established the right policies and procedures that will help your business mitigate your security and privacy risks.

A major positive impact is the extraordinarily positive effect on your employee's behavior reducing the number one cause of data breaches or data losses: human error. The Truvincio Solution empowers your employees to behave as the asset you know they are!


average cost of a small business data breach in the US

197 days

time it takes companies to identify a data breach