Achieving good security doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or business disruptive. With Truvincio as your experts, you can get back to the things that you love about your business that generate revenue.

Every large organization lives in fear of a large data breach that will cost it millions. Every CIO, CISO and CEO should fear this potentially career-ending occurrence. In many cases, this threat is out of their control. Many of the losses come from the actions and lack of attention, of their vendors and service providers. And while most businesses have recognized this risk, almost no one has a good idea of what to do about it. This is where Truvincio can help.

In addition to helping your small and medium vendors implement programs that will reduce the likelihood of a breach of your information, Truvincio has a mechanism that will help you demonstrate, in court and to regulators, that you are actively addressing these risks and taking ‘reasonable efforts’ to prevent a loss from your vendors and service providers.

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