The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) created by the European Union has been mandated with enforcement beginning May 25, 2018. Organizations that are required to comply with GDPR include any organization that does business or markets to anyone in the EU. For all those companies that are not GDPR compliant penalties up to 4% of worldwide revenue will be enforced for each infraction.

GDPR has significantly raised the bar regarding expectations for data privacy and requires significant action to meet these requirements. Making it work at your company doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, it does however, require thought and effort. Truvincio offers a simple, easy to use low cost effective approach to achieve GDPR compliance.

Further, Truvincio’s solution to GDPR compliance is designed to help you make meeting GDPR easy and non-business disruptive, as possible. Using Truvincio will certainly enable you to check the boxes for being compliant. However, the goal is to not only check boxes, but rather create the right outcomes from your day to day business activities.